Understanding human behavior is a topic so broad and expansive that people have devoted their lives to the subject only to still be mystified by it when the grim reaper knocked on their door. And though fully understanding human behavior is likely never to become reality, nothing limits us from learning more about what causes us to act the way we do.

This guide has been created primarily for people in human resources, managers and supervisors in organizations of all sizes and types, and those who find themselves dealing with selection, development and management of people. However, the tools suggested within are also highly applicable in day to day life in dealing with family, friends, and acquaintances. You might gain a slightly better understanding of why your son or daughter is rebelling or why your spouse, partner, or significant other seems to come across abrasively and how through causative rewards, you can help make that relationship better. Similarly, through a desire to understand where someone is coming from, a supervisor or manager has the ability to create a more positive work environment. It will address principles that America’s leading employers have proven time and time again work and have worked well for them in dealing with their most valuable assets: people.,/p>

In that regard, this manual is not for the professional psychologist, sociologist, or psychiatrist. It is for the average person who has significant interaction with others on a daily basis in an employment setting and would like to influence that interaction in a more effective, logical and less emotional way. Although this manual provides a brief discussion of nonverbal behavioral indicators and explores how understanding body types can lead to a better understanding of potential behaviors, it primarily focuses on understanding people and their behaviors using testing and assessments as an objective tool to predict an individual’s behaviors relative to job performance.

This important manual covers:

  • Non-Verbal Behaviors – What They Mean
  • Understanding Behavior Using Body Type
  • Testing and Assessments as Tools to Predict Behavior
  • The Legality of Job Related Testing
  • The Gold Standard, The Achiever Assessment
  • Entry Level and Hourly Rate Position Testing
  • Competencies – How They are Related to Testing
  • Operating an Up-To-Date Application Process
  • Effective Performance Reviews

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